The story of the true "White Whale"

The Car: 1966 Plymouth Fury III convertible.
These pic's of the way the car looked when first bought.
The Story

So my brother calls me on the phone. "Hey, I want to buy a car." OH NO this can't be good! Any way he spots this 1966 Ply. Fury III conv't. He tells me it looks cool and it's a conv't. and that is what he wants. We talked about value and all that good stuff. So Dan buys the car anyway. The body was decent and interior was really nice. The previous owner did upholstery work for a living. But the car was a little tardy. Old 318 poly-head motor. So the big question pops up. "What can we do to put some power into the White Whale?"

Hey... Starting to look good!!!

Nice 440 motor w/dual exhaust, brand new power brake system from the pedal out including a disc conversion w/the new front-end, front and rear sway bars, four new shocks, 15" wheels and new rubber. WOW...what alot of work, but did it pay off. Boy, the car is really starting to look sharp.

Wait...Oh No


Oh look...a harpooned whale. After a full three days of enjoying the completed project and tooling around in our pride and joy, the unthinkable happens. A rear-end job at a stop light. A big enough hit to kill the white whale. With an already weakened structure, the final blow was dealt.

What is this??? Can it be...Yes...
It's a Pea Green Monster
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