After the tragic harpooning of the White Whale, and an exhausting one year search, we found our new Pride and Joy, the Pea Green Monster.
And so it begins...The birth of Pea-Green
As the two patients are wheeled into operating rooms 1 and 2, the delicate surgical procedure begins with a full suspension transplant from the doner whale to the green monster.

Next was the heart transplant. During the procedure, the 440 was freshened up with a set of 10:1 pistons, mild cam, and a bit of head work.
In a stroke of great fortune, we scored a set of headers for the popular "C" body Mopar.
Hey... Starting to look good!!!
But wait...He can't be serious...What the F%!#...


Well she's up and runnin' and after some fine-tuning this bad boy is cranking out some serious torque. There is still some questions concerning the heat source under the carbs, but we have a couple of ideas. Everything else seems to be going well and we are just about ready to free the Pea Green Monster to the deep south. It was quite a journey, but we drove the Pea Green Monster and towed the White Whale down south. We made it down without any problems. The Monster drove perfect. After spending a few days down south and getting reacquainted with my GTS, it was time to load up the Dart and head for home.

Well it's been a few months now and now that she's got some miles on her we are really satisfied with the performance of the beast. Then...seemingly out of nowhere, trouble. From the description of the symptoms the dreaded fuel pump push rod might be the culprit. So the logical step seemed to be to walk my brother through some of the basic troubleshooting techniques. We were checking out spark, timing, and know the basics. then all of a sudden...

Holy Sh!t... now what?
"He's Dead Jim"

Some how, and we're still not sure, but after a quick check of the cap and rotor, during a restart, the cap flew off and the rotor sucked up some of the ignition wires and in one swift blow the distributors guts were lying on the floor. Three weeks later I was back to see the damage to "Pea Green". After dropping in another distibutor and trying to fire it back up, the real problem was discovered. One of the intakes was hacked back together by the previous owner. A plate was epoxyed over a hole that rotted through the plenum of one of the rams. We had a single four barrel intake for the car so we put that on and "Pea Green was back in action. A day later we hit the jack-pot and score another pair of rams, this time they were the short version. Hours later they were on and some serious rubber burning was at hand.

It was now time for some Drag Racing...

"Pea Green" made the trip up north for some shake-down runs at Englishtown. That driving task was handed over to me. My 20 years of street racing experience wasn't enough, for I was not prepared for the stump pulling torque this monster made, well at least the street tires that we were running weren't ready for the hide boiling that they took. After sliding the car out for the first 10 ft. half way through second gear I was able to give it full throttle, and she ckicked off an impressive 14.5 at 94 mph, not to bad for the two and a half ton monster. But unfortunatly that was the only run we got in because we arrived at the track late because of traffic.

watch me do it!
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